As a small business ourselves, we’ve always believed in the importance of providing great branding, marketing and creative to companies of all sizes and budgets. 

But when COVID-19 turned our world (and the economy) upside down, we were reminded of just why that’s so important.

Karachi thrives when its small businesses thrive – and that’s not just an opinion. According to the Pakistan Small Business Administration & Trade Community, there are over 600,000 in Karachi City, 

Not to mention, those businesses make up more than 87% of companies statewide.

We love being able to support our clients and watch them grow, and that’s especially true of those that are local. Recently, we worked with new brand of pizza, a stylish pizza down the street from us that serves fresh juices and inventive bites in their lounge. This allowed us to bring our community together while keeping social distancing guidelines in mind.  

Even though pizza corner isn’t one of our clients, they’re a business in our neighborhood. We invited our contacts to attend, support the company, have a “night out” – from the comfort of their own living room, of course – and socialize during a time where conversation has become a valuable commodity.  

We strongly believe that partnerships like this allow us and our clients to remain viable during all of this uncertainty, and hopefully emerge from the lockdowns and stay-at-home orders stronger than we were before.

We’re honored to work with Karachi businesses of all sizes, In the meantime, find a list of small businesses in the Karachi City that you can support online. Pick up products, and gift cards from your favorite local restaurants, cafés, and more.